Providing BC patients with secure access to their lab results

Through my ehealth, British Columbian patients now have the same secure Internet access to their lab
results that Excelleris has been providing to more than 5800 BC physicians for over a decade -- at no charge.

More and more patients are getting involved in helping to manage their own health care; and more and more
patients are asking for hard copies of their test results, which the labs send through the mail.

My ehealth offers a faster and secure method for patients to receive their results. As soon as results are
released from the performing lab, they're available online in my ehealth. Excelleris uses a variety of secure
technologies and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

My ehealth is a free service for BC patients and is available in 4 languages.

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Am I eligible to use my ehealth?

To register you must:

  • Be age 16 or older, or have received a Welcome Letter from Excelleris
  • Have a BC Care Card number
  • Have had lab work within the last 30 days at:
    • Lifelabs, Valley Medical Laboratories, BC Biomedical Laboratories or
    • As an outpatient only at Vancouver Coastal Health or Providence Health Care

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